Terms & Conditions

Welcome to FoodFeasta.com! We are really thrilled to have you here! But before you start shopping with us, we request that you go through these terms and conditions. By using the site for browsing for your favorite delicacies as well as for buying them, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions. Thanks!


  1. All prices are in Indian Rupees and the products are delivered in the respective cities as selected by the customer. 
  2. The normal delivery time of the product ordered is between 9:00 am to 08:00 pm on all days except for Sundays and holidays.
  3.  For the items delivered by the courier / speed post / registered post, their respective policies apply. FoodFeasta reserves the right to charge the order if by any chance the recipient rejects the order for any reason.
  4.  FoodFeasta will not be responsible for any loss or damage/delay direct to the consignment or consequential, caused due to incorrect address, any act of God, such as accidents, any natural calamity, war, riot, commotion, strike, Local/Political Disruptions, Air / Rail / Road Disruptions / Delay or any other cause whatsoever beyond the control of us.  No claim for loss / damage / delay will be entertained by FoodFeasta in such events.
  5.  FoodFeasta shall try its best for prompt delivery. The expected time of delivery for all domestic deliveries is 4-6 working days from the time it is shipped, depending on the location. Delayed/early delivery for whatever reason shall not entitle the customer for any damages or compensation.
  6.  In spite of full caution taken at the time of delivery, FoodFeasta will not be responsible for a mis-delivery if the receiver of the product at the address on the order form misappropriates, damages or fails to hand over the product to the person named on the order form and takes the item posing himself to be the correct person.
  7.  The product/services provided on this site are without warranties of any kind. FoodFeasta does not warrant that the products/services offered will be exactly similar, error free, or that the defects will be corrected.
  8.  Products shown are indicative only. The accessories shown are not a part of the product unless categorically mentioned. The actual arrangement of any gift products will vary due to variability of contents across different destinations.
  9.  In an event the ordered products are not available in the selected city / town; they will be replaced with available products of equal or higher value.
  10.  Orders once placed cannot be cancelled or changed.
  11.  FoodFeasta will deliver exactly the same products displayed on its web pages and from the same sources indicated. However, in certain unavoidable circumstances arising due to non availability of products from indicated sources, it reserves the right to change the source and deliver approximately similar kind of product. If similar kind of product is not available, FoodFeasta will inform the sender to change the order or wait until it becomes available.
  12.  FoodFeasta reserves the right to change the perishable gift item to less perishable one if the former is expected to spoil before the day it reaches the recipient, without prior permission from the sender.
  13.  Products price shown on the website might be more than MRP printed on the delicacies box/ packet. The MRP mentioned on delicacies box/ packet is for the in-person collection at the respective Sweets shop. Price shown on FoodFeasta website is inclusive of other charges such as handling &shipment charges, packaging charges and taxes as applicable. As a result of accepting these terms and conditions, customer agrees to pay as per the price mentioned on the website and or invoice generated by FoodFeasta. No complaints in any court of law will be entertained by FoodFeasta after the order is placed as a result of price paid which is more than the MRP at the shop.
  14.  FoodFeasta will not charge more than the prices mentioned on its web pages but in certain unavoidable circumstances it reserves the right to change the prices anytime, without any prior notice and charge the sender accordingly.
  15.  FoodFeasta does not, in any way, claim ownership or right over the Trademarks, Brands and Company Names used at this site, which are owned by their respective owners/companies. References to these products and company trademarks are used solely for the purpose of identifying the products supplied at this site.
  16.  While FoodFeasta takes great effort to ensure prompt possible delivery of fresh products, FoodFeasta shall not be responsible for the degradation in the condition of perishable items due to late delivery.
  17.  While FoodFeasta ensures to deliver best quality products from known sources, it is not responsible if the quality of the product does not match the expectation of the recipient.
  18.  FoodFeasta reserves the right to withhold delivery of any consignment booked by the Customer if proper acknowledgement, viz, signature, company seal, date and time of delivery is refused by the concerned consignee and the Company will not be responsible for any consequence or loss due to such non-delivery.  Unless otherwise specified all deliveries will be made only at the address mentioned on the consignment/consignment note. However the Company reserves the right to claim and receive the courier charges for the consignment.
  19.  The Customer will provide full address with pin code number and telephone number for all consignments booked for easy identification and prompt delivery.  FoodFeasta will not deliver any consignment with post-box address only.  Further, we will not provide any proof of delivery in respect of consignments to be delivered to Governmental / Semi-Governmental offices.
  20.  FoodFeasta holds the right to destroy all records of delivery and other connected documents after 90 days of booking.
  21.  FoodFeasta agrees to provide proof of deliveries to the Customer against the consignments booked and delivered; as a soft copy as provided by the logistics company and not the physical copy however not providing of such proof will not be pre-condition for payment to FoodFeasta by the Customer, in the interim should a requirement arise for a dispute/assurance of delivery, we would provide the necessary records in soft format as provided by logistics company.
  22.  All the terms & conditions printed overleaf of consignment note of the logistics partner are also binding on the Customer.
  23.  The customer undertakes and agrees with FoodFeasta, that they shall not permit any other person who has an interest in the consignment to bring a claim or action against us arising from the carriage, even though we may have been negligent or in default and if a claim or action is made, customer will indemnify us against the consequences of the claim or action and the cost and expenses we incur in defending it.
  24.  If the recipient of the order or the person who consumes and/or uses the contents of the order is different from the person who has ordered then it is the responsibility of the person who has placed an order to communicate all the terms and conditions that he / she has agreed  at the time of placing the order. 
  25.  We as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time.

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